Nomads of the Australian Desert


Author: Mountford, C. P.

Publisher: Rigby, Adelaide. Quarto, 1976.

Description: Hardcover, 628 pages with 33 figures and 737 illustrations (after photographs) plus 12 colour plates, a very large folding colour plate (with a black and white key) and a map.

Condition: Papered boards; a VERY FINE COPY with like dustwrapper (in fact, uncirculated).

Summary: Mountford’s magnum opus; a seminal study of the Aborigines of the Mann and Musgrave Ranges on the borders of South, Central and Western Australia. Copiously illustrated in black and white throughout. Loosely inserted is the publisher’s restriction notice (102 x 205 mm, printed on ochre-coloured paper); in part it reads ‘in areas where traditional Aboriginal religion is still significant, this book should be used only after consultation with local male religious leaders’.

Dimensions: L 17 x W 20 x D 5 cm

Weight: 2 kg

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