In recent years a quiet food revolution has been apparent. Restauranteurs, chefs, foodies, nutritionists and even economists have been leading the way, arguing for a more sustainable approach to food production, distribution and consumption. Today’s slow food movement, the free-range, organics and biodynamics trend, and sourcing produce that is local and in season are highlights of this revolution.

Outback Gourmet takes its inspiration from this worldwide movement, with a firm focus on the bush tucker and bush foods traditions of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Here you will find creative tips and recipes unlikely to be found elsewhere. Our ingredients list might include wallaby meat, wattle seed, barramundi, insects, wild boar, yabbies, feral goat, lemon myrtle, or weeds! There are literally hundreds of bush tucker species in Australia that are edible, nutritious and delectable.

Got a recipe you would like to share? Please let us know about your favourite home recipes. If you don’t live in Australia but have a recipe using local indigenous ingredients we would love to hear from you too! The whole idea is to distance ourselves, wherever we might be in the world, away from high-intensity agricultural methods and factory farming and to return to locally-produced, -gathered and -hunted food sources.

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