General Notes
Approximate Shipping Charges
Shipping Destinations
Is my Order Insured?
Expected delivery times
Import tax & customs charges


General notes

We ship items once a week. Orders need to be received by 5 pm AEST Friday to be dispatched on the following Tuesday.

All items are safely wrapped and protected using reused and/or recycled packing materials as a first preference.

We use Australia Post to ship small items and TNT to ship larger items.

Once your item is dispatched you will be notified via an email with tracking and delivery information. You will be able to track your item through Australia Post‘s and TNT‘s tracking systems.

Approximate shipping charges


Products Australia International
Aboriginal Art $25 AUD $35 AUD
Artefacts $15 AUD $25 AUD
Books $15 AUD $35 AUD
Clapsticks $15 AUD $25 AUD
Didgeridoo $30 AUD $90 AUD
Misc. Collectables $15 AUD $30 AUD
Movies DVD $5 AUD $10 AUD
Music Vinyl $15 AUD $25 AUD


Shipping destinations

We ship to every zone and country as serviced by Australia Post and TNT.

Delivery must be to a residential or business address where a signature is required at receipt of delivery.

It is not possible to deliver to International Post Office Boxes.

Is my order insured?

Yes, all orders shipped are fully insured against loss or damage.

Expected delivery times

From dispatch to arrival of your order takes between 1-2 weeks depending on your location and service used. iDIDJ Australia will not be held responsible for late deliveries or for loss or damage relating to late deliveries. Please ensure your personal details are correct as we will not be held responsible for an incorrectly entered delivery address.

Import tax & customs charges

Governments and customs sometimes apply taxes, duties, surcharges, and quarantine and inspection fees on imported goods. These charges will vary depending on where you are and what you import and there may be no charges at all. It is your duty to be informed of your government’s such fees, surcharges, duties and taxes and it is your responsibility to pay these extra costs if they apply. iDIDJ Australia will help you with additional documents and administrative assistance in instances of disputed customs charges.

Australian shoppers are exempt from import taxes and customs charges.