Welcome to the Dilly Bag Store, iDIDJ Australia’s online shop with a difference!

Here you will find an alluring selection of items we have carefully chosen for your consideration. There’s always something new being added each week so be sure to bookmark us and hop back for a look every so often. Something might catch your eye, whether a painting or a pair of clapsticks. Perhaps even a didgeridoo?

The Dilly Bag Store aims to offer value and a point of difference for those with a keen sense for the out-of-the-ordinary and for design whether visual or sonic… the acoustic profiles of some of our didgeridoos are decadently rich and sweet and the woven fibrecrafts an explosion of colour!

These are some of the least appreciated art forms in Aboriginal arts and we hope our Dilly Bag Store finds new audiences and fans.

We owe our gratitude to the Aboriginal craftsmen and craftswomen whose works are showcased here, and to the many people who work behind the scenes in getting such treasures into our dilly bag, so to speak. Thank you!