Stringybark Kids is a global community of friends and families who have an interest in all things Top End.

What is the Top End? It is that special cultural landscape in the northernmost part of Australia where the stringybark tree (Eucalyptus tetradonta) grows, where the native Trigona stingless bee builds hives that oozes with golden syrupy honey in the dry season, where fire is an integral part of the ecosystem, and where Aboriginal groups maintain an unbroken continuing tradition of song cycles that traverse this unique part of the continent.

On the Facebook Stringybark Kids group you can learn more about the vibrant and dynamic cultures of the Top End. You can new friends or maintain old friendships, ask questions, share your knowledge, and expand our collective consciousness together. This can only be achieved by mindful contributions and postings. Let’s try to stay on topic and to focus on the things that matter: culture, education, health, technology and media, language, music, and global trends and movements and how these impact on our lives whether in the Top End or abroad.Stringybark Kids will evolve over time as it has since its establishment. Moderation will be kept to a minimum and group dynamics will change as new members enter and old members leave. A balance of male and female, indigenous and non-indigenous voices/perspectives will be sought. Feel free to add friends and family members who will find Stringybark Kids useful and who in turn can contribute something beneficial to the group. If you would like to volunteer to be an admin on this group, please don’t feel shy to put your hand up.

Chatting and social conversations are fine here, it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. If you’re feeling down and need someone to talk to, drop in and share with us… we’re here to listen as well as to help.

A new group Stringybark Kids Trad Talk has been created for the discussion, analysis and sharing of didgeridoo tips – traditional style. If you are interested in this more in-depth group, feel free to add yourself: