Rare pandanus kenbi didgeridoo, key E-F


Sound sample of this didgeridoo:

Comments: An especially rare type of didgeridoo that is no longer made in the modern era, this instrument was crafted from the main trunk of a pandanus tree and the pithy, fibrous core hollowed out with a sharpened hardwood sapling and burnt out with hot coals.

Didgeridoos made from pandanus benefit from priming with water before use which changes the acoustics of the instrument considerably and results in a rich, dense, resonant voice.

A tribally-used didgeridoo of the kenbi type, this is the only pandanus didgeridoo on the market anywhere in the world.

iDIDJ Australia is proud to continue to offer exceptional, rare, museum-quality didgeridoos of distinction.

Region: Daly River region, Northern Territory

Materials: Pandanus sp., acrylic paints, sealant

Length: 143 cm

Air chamber volume: 2590 cm3

Mouthpiece diameter: 35-37 mm

Distal end diameter: 9.0 cm

Key: E-F fundamental, F# overtone

Weight: 2.2 kg

Condition: good structural integrity though tribally used, pre-owned condition

Didgeridoo Database accession number: DEBPLM3814

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